International Real Estate Investment Forum

September 18-20, 2019, Moscow

Practical session «The battle of shopping malls and online stores»

September 19, 2019
10:00 - 11:30
Venue: Conference room 3


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The fight between online and offline retail seems to be entering its culmination. All the way through last years online shops kept conquering new customers taking them from traditional retail places, but now new factors started to influence the shopping battlefield. Generation Z, the primary target of e-commerce, has noticed that the real store, which you can visit, cannot be replaced by the virtual one. However, it is clear that there are not enough customers for all. How do shopping centers win back their customers today?


Themes for discussion:

  • What is the ratio between online and offline sales?
  • Synergy of online and offline retail: can a shop continue without the online offer and a virtual marketplace without a showroom?
  • Interaction with the modern shopper: communication channels, techniques, psychology, loyalty building
  • Choice of the new generation, where will they buy in 10-15 years? Which merchandise will go online, which – never?
  • Digitalization not only for networking. How retail chains use the big data. Customer traffic statistics, behavioral models, "robotic" analytics
  • Participatory events are not for Internet. Concerts, competitions, master classes and other events in the shopping center – what do they give?
  • Non-standard venues for ‘the drive’: parking lots and roofs. Isn't it time to design a shopping center with a built-in stand-up room?
  • Pop-up format: how can the tenant agree with the FM company about the "eye stopper"?
  • Perspectives for handicraft fairs, Christmas markets and other seasonal or temporary shopping occasions
  • Customers are not always shoppers: 7D-cinema, contact zoos, segway parks, art exhibitions – interactive activities, which attracts people to the mall better than sales