International Real Estate Investment Forum

September 18-20, 2019, Moscow

Panel discussion «Transport development as a key investment in real estate»

September 19, 2019
10:00 - 11:30
Venue: Conference room 2


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Urban development is impossible without the well-grounded transport solutions. Vertical city development makes the traffic management complicated. Which way will Moscow and other cities follow: together with private investors, through PPP solutions or will they use their own resources? And last but not least: let's talk about TOD. Will transport infrastructure occupy precious plots designated for development or bring added value to the property built above near and under it to make city life easier?


Themes for discussion:

  • The State program "Transport system development-2020" is coming to the end. What has been done and what has to be done?
  • Transport accessibility – the No 1 catalyst for property liquidity and investment. Or not?
  • Developers are ready to finance the transport projects. The ball is on the authorities' side: is it possible to develop PPP in this direction? Showcases of successful collaboration between business and authorities.
  • The current picture of urban environment. Is the development of transport, residential and commercial projects synchronized?
  • Interchange hub as the solar plexus of residential, offices, retail, transport and private investment. How will the "city-in-the-city" concept work and will it provide a comfortable environment for life and work?
  • What is necessary for metro/subway expansion in Russian cities
  • Transport digitalization: when the "Yandex" service and the car-sharing will finally step over the Moscow Ring Road?



Yulia Tokareva, partner, head of strategic consulting department, Cushman & Wakefield

Alexander Morozov, CEO S.A. Ricci