International Real Estate Investment Forum

September 18-20, 2019, Moscow

Vladimir Zhidkin, Head of the Department for the development of new territories of Moscow

Vladimir Zhidkin, Head of the Department for the development of new territories of Moscow

Dear colleagues!

Moscow is one of the world's fastest growing metropolitan areas. Over the past few years the capital has seen a lot of positive changes, which the city's residents and guests of the capital are pleased to note. Successfully implemented urban projects change the image of our city every year, bringing our capital to the top of international ratings.

The project New Moscow has turned to be beyond comparison on its scale, when five years ago new territories were attached to Moscow and the city's area has more than doubled. This project has formed a tremendous potential for urban development, improving the city environment and quality of life of Moscow residents. Over the years we have achieved a visible progress in the development of new territories of Moscow. More than 200 km of roads have been built and are under the design stage, 2 new metro stations have been opened, 50 social facilities, such as kindergartens, schools, medical centers, have been handed over. Also, over the years, more than 100,000 new working places have been created on the New Moscow territory.

Progressive continuous development of the territory is impossible without collaboration between the government, developers, representatives of the Science and business, involved in the development of New Moscow. The strategic planning is in the key role for the development of the territory. It is important to know today, how Moscow will look like in 15 or 20 years, what will be the main driver for the territory development and how the urban environment will progress.

The Forum PROESTATE gives this particular opportunity. Every year it accumulates the latest ideas and best practices, presents the best projects and provides a platform for discussion about the most essential issues for the construction industry. For the years the Forum PROESTATE proved to be a venue for professional community, where you can find like-minded and reliable partners and sign promising agreements.

I wish the Forum PROESTATE opened wide opportunities for its participants to realize most ambitious projects!